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Our family began a project in June 2010 in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Our primary goal was to help kids feel enabled to do something to help out in such a dire emergency. Several things grew from this: we met many people who encouraged and helped us along the way and we, as a group, learned many new things about the Gulf of Mexico, which fascinated us and our volunteers. There are so many interesting things out there, we felt like we had to find a new forum to continue to share and educate our youth about this incredible ecosystem. Through presentations, games (like the Jeopardy Game & fun sheets on this website) we hope to give kids a fun introduction to the environment and challenge them to learn more. I had grown up in a gulf coast state and had no idea there are killer whales and white sharks in our waters. I had never heard of a blanket octopus or a goblin shark. Through our countless hours of research, our eyes have been opened to the wonders of the mysterious waters of the largest gulf in the world.

It has been an incredible experience and we look forward to continuing to research and share our finds. Our volunteers earn service hours for their respective schools and help tremendously with many aspects of this environmental project. Please know that ALL profits are donated - our only reward is the time we get to spend together learning new things, meeting new supporters and sharing our passion for the animals of the Gulf of Mexico.

From the original home page in June 2010:

What is kidslovethegulf.org? It is a site that a kid created in order to raise money to help animals affected by the gulf oil spill. He wanted his friends and other kids to be able to help and take ownership of their future. No one knows what the longterm effects of the oil and the dispersants will be. There are animals and fish that will be hurt and killed for years to come. From the base of the food chain to the big predators - all will suffer. It made me feel pretty helpless and upset. So, I sat down and made a list of the animals that live in The Gulf of Mexico that are endangered, and those whose existence are threatened by the oil spill. There are MANY, MANY more fish and animals that are not listed; it is this kid's hope that these fish and animals will be hardier and will rebound more quickly. I took this design to a local t shirt shop and had them help me.  I wanted to sell t shirts to raise money for the Audubon Institute, whose experts are the first responders to help sick marine animals.

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