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The List ...
I compiled this list of endangered and at risk animals in The Gulf of Mexico. It is believed that one or two are already extinct (like the Caribbean Monk Seal), but there have been unconfirmed sightings over the past few years. There are many more animals at risk; I could not name them all. There are also different types of some animals listed that I did not go into great length describing (Blue Heron, White Heron, etc.). For example, there are many migratory birds and fish that will be poisoned by the oil and chemicals used to try to break it up. NO ONE KNOWS what the extent of the damage will be! Let's hope that our strong marine habitat will rebound successfully!

This list of names makes up the peace sign on the shirt ...

kidslovethegulf/tshirtfront.jpgKemp Ridley Sea Turtle . Sperm Whale . Brown Pelican . Bluefin Tuna . Crab . Shrimp . Oyster . Lobster  West Indian Manatee . Marsh Rice Rat . Gulf Sturgeon . Alligator . Plankton . Blue Whale . Finback Whale Humpback Whale . Sei Whale . Green Sea Turtle . Atlantic Spotted Dolphin . Hawksbill Sea Turtle Cuvier’s Beaked Whale . Pantropical Spotted Dolphin . Leatherback Sea Turtle . Minke Whale. Heron Loggerhead Sea Turtle . Elkhorn Coral . Red Porgy . Staghorn Coral . Alabama Shad . Dusky Shark . Porpoise Saltmarsh Topminnow . Largetooth Sawfish . Night Shark . Sand Tiger Shark . Speckled Hind Warsaw Grouper . White Marlin . Ivory Bush Coral . Acropora Coral . Black Grouper . Caribbean Monk Seal  Elliptical Star Coral . Eskimo Curlew . Red Grouper . Rough Cactus Coral . Smalltooth Sawfish . OarfishNassau Grouper . Bottlenose Dolphin . Bryde’s Whale . Risso’s Dolphin . Pygmy Sperm Whale . Striped DolphinRough-toothed dolphin . Melon Headed Sperm Whale . Spinner Dolphin . White Pelican . Pygmy Killer WhaleDwarf Sperm Whale . False Killer Whale . Short Finned Pilot Whale . Frasers’ Dolphin . Striped DolphinRough Toothed Dolphin . Killer Whale—Orca . Blainville’s Beaked Whale . Whale Shark . Least Tern . Whooping Crane . And Many, Many, More ...